Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Duct tape wallet

John's class recently took a field trip to the library and he received his very own library card.  He was pretty excited about this, to say the least.  John was wondering where he should keep his card, so we brainstormed a bit and decided to try making a duct tape wallet.  We already had colored duct tape, so it was free (an extra bonus!), and I found an easy to follow tutorial on YouTube.

I love it when I can find projects to work on with the older boys.  It takes a little more creativity and thought to find things they're really interested in doing, but when we do, it's time well spent together.  I had to do most of the cutting, measuring and folding, but John enjoyed being in charge of playing and pausing the video as we worked. 

 Now John can keep dollar bills in his wallet, and coins in his money jar.

We found an old wallet sized picture he could put in the wallet (although he requested I get an updated one with Will in it).

And a nice little pocket for that library card.


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