Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach robes and summer vacation

I first saw these beach robes on my friend Jessica's blog, Mumbo Designs, almost a year ago and knew at once I had to make them.  I bought the pattern online from MADE and picked up some large, colorful towels from Ikea the next time I was there... and then they sat on my project shelf for almost a year! Well, today I bring you the finished product at last.  When the weather turned warm and we became frequent visitors of the beach (and the kids continued tripping all over their towels on the way back to the car) these robes moved to the top of the project list.  Now the kids can dry off, warm up and continue playing without skipping a beat.


And as for our summer vacation... you may have noticed I am kind of taking a summer vacation from this blog.  Back in May our family went on a "digital diet" for a week... a break from all screens (movies/TV, computer, phones... except for my allotted 1/2 hour after the kids were in bed... unfortunately some e-mails do need to be answered and bills paid).  And what a wonderful week it was!  I guess it was a little too wonderful, because I haven't fully gone back.  Instead, we have been swimming, playing at parks, going to the beach, hiking, jumping on the tramp, reading, tending to our garden, riding bikes, and soaking up the summer sun.  That combined with feeding and taking care of the baby just doesn't leave much time left in my day.  BUT... I love getting new ideas from other people's blogs and created this blog as a way to share my ideas.  I just might not share them quite as frequently as I once did for the time being.

Let's hear it for summer!
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