Monday, October 7, 2013

The Alphabet Tracing Shirt

 I am so excited about these Alphabet Tracing Shirts!  I just posted them in my Etsy shop today.  Who doesn't love a little back tickle, right?  Wear it to the park, at home, or after a long day, then sit down with your kids and relax :) 

Arrows and numbers show the correct way to write each  letter.

I got the idea for this shirt after watching my kids write letters on their daddy's back.  They would write a few letters, then he would try to guess what they were spelling.  The kids thought it was fun, and my husband loved how it felt, it was a win-win!

I'm selling a women's shirt, that is fitted, and a men's shirt, that is a standard-fit size.  Both have the same design on the back with nothing printed on the front.

The colors I chose for this shirt were inspired by the classic chalkboard.  I chose a heathered dark grey for the shirt, and crisp white lines for the letters.

Enjoy interacting with your kids in a new, creative way!

And don't forget about our other shirts!  Also available in the Shop.

From left to right:

Car Play Shirt WITH SIGN that can be customized
Car Play Shirt OUTLINED, for kids to color in and make their own

And coming soon... A TRAIN PLAY SHIRT!
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