Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lego Minifigure display case

For our Christmas homemade gift exchange (yes, I'm still showing projects from Christmas), Joe drew Dan's name.  My friend Alison bought one of these drawers for her boys to house their Minifigures in, and I thought that would make the perfect gift for my Lego lover (all the kids like Legos, but Daniel loves them... really, he can play with them for hours).  We found this old printers drawer from an antique shop.  My favorite part is the old handle.

I guess this gift was semi homemade.  Joe helped me glue in old Lego pieces so the figures could stand up.  Then he helped put figures together to display.

The drawer can hold 89 figures!  And I'm almost embarrassed to admit, we are close to filling it up.

I had to snap a picture while all of the figures were in there, because it never lasts very long.  Before I know it they'll be picked off one by one to fight in the next battle.


  1. I am so going antiquing this morning with just this project in mind!

  2. Wow! We have the exact same typeset box that we use for ours. It was filled up a long time ago and I found this blog while looking for ideas on how to display even more!


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