Friday, March 15, 2013

Painted money jars

The kids needed a place to keep their money, and I had been wanting to paint jars.  So we combined the two and came up with these money jars.


I had John, Dan and Joe each pick out 2-4 colors they wanted to use.  They poured about a tablespoon of each color into the bottom of the jar, then rolled the jar around until it was sufficiently covered with paint (we used acrylics).


I wanted to make sure the paint was completely dry before they used them, so we let them sit for about a week.  For the top, I cut a circle out of some clear plastic, then cut a rectangle to put the coins through.


I was nervous that the coins would chip the paint, but surprisingly, they haven't chipped a bit.  I hope our jam jars are happy with their new life!  The kids sure love using them.  And I do think they look nice sitting up there on the dresser :)



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