Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slow mornings and playdough

Time seems to be going faster than ever lately.  Many days I wake up, get the kids breakfast, get John and Dan off to school, keep the other two alive and somewhat happy, try to keep up with dishes, laundry, bills, welcome the kids home from school, help John practice piano, fix dinner, wrestle (sometimes literally) everyone into bed, try to catch up with everything that was left undone during the day, take a deep breath and go to bed.  Some days go smoothly and are full of laughter and fun, and other days I'm in survival mode from the minute I wake up.  It's all part of motherhood I suppose.

Last week we had a rare morning where we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything (except for getting John off to school).  I crave those mornings and welcome them with open arms.  So as soon as Will was down for his nap, Dan and Joe and I got to work making some playdough.


You can find the recipe I use here.


We had fun experimenting with colors and smells this time around.  Dan wanted to make blue playdough with a lemon smell, Joe went with green peppermint, and Dan thought John would like red lavender.  I failed to take pictures of the rest, but we then divided up the balls and tried mixing in a few more drops of food coloring to see what colors we would get (blue+red made purple, red+yellow made orange, etc.)  It was fun to just sit down with these two cuties during a quiet moment in the morning.  Then before I knew it a cry from upstairs beckoned me to get back on my feet.


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