Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Nature Wreath

A few days ago the kids helped me make our Fall nature wreath. I love decorating with things that can either be eaten or returned to nature (that way I don't have to store anything), and it's especially easy to do that in the Fall. We always decorate with squash and grass, last year we made the twig spider web, and this year we added the wreath.


I had big plans to go for a fun hike one afternoon and collect things for it.  But Pete had some things he had to do and it ended up getting late, so I sent the kids out back to collect whatever they could find.


I think Dan would have fun doing anything if it involved me letting him use the clippers.


Then we came inside, laid everything out on the table and got to work.  We used a grapevine wreath for the base.  And by this point Will and Joe were both in bed, so it ended up being a very enjoyable evening :) (Not that I don't love the little ones... it's just hard to sit down and work on things for a long period of time with them around sometimes.)


I was secretly intending to shift a few things around after the kids were done to make the wreath balanced and how I wanted it, but I ended up not touching it.  They did a better job than I could have!



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