Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY: Twig Spider Web

A couple weeks ago I made this spider web out of sticks the kids and I found on a hike. I got the idea from Pottery Barn who has one for $129! I guess there's has lights on it, but still. I didn't spend a single penny on mine. To make it, I first cut the sticks to the right lengths and laid them on the ground how I wanted them. Starting with the sticks on the outside edges, I hot glued them together then wrapped wire around each intersection. Then worked my way in, finishing with the very center where all 7 sticks come together. I was thinking this would be something I would use for one year then throw away when Halloween is over, but I might just hang onto it!

Twig spider web


  1. i love it jessica! wish we were neighbors.

    sleepy time gal


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