Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day gift: homemade bookmarks

I knew I wanted to get my mom a book for Mother's Day.  I recently read The Pearl by John Steinbeck (has anyone read this?).  Not really a fuzzy, warm, feel good book, but a great story with a great message.  So I got that and decided to have the kids help make some bookmarks to go along with it (kind of a repeat... oh well... these are new and improved!)


The kids each designed one bookmark.  Then I scanned them into the computer and printed them with colorful borders.


I got them laminated like I did last time at Kinko's, then cut them out.  This time I cut out a little hole at the top and tied some embroidery floss on.


For some reason having cute bookmarks makes me want to read that much more :)



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