Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Color change

For the winner of the Essential Swimwear Giveaway, see the previous post.

My mom recently passed this wool sweater from J. Crew along to me.  I can't ever turn away hand-me downs... even if I won't ever wear it, it's free fabric!  I have a tub full of old shirts, pants, sweaters and skirts, all waiting to be turned into something new.  

This sweater fit well, but after wearing it for a day I decided I just really did not like the color.  At least on me.  I was almost about to toss it in the fabric bin, until I remembered this post I saw on MADE about dyeing fabric.  Of course!  I could dye this sweater to a color I liked!

Sweater before being dyed

So that's what I did.  I purchased some dark brown liquid dye from Amazon and got to work.  The additional tips for dyeing from MADE were also helpful.

Sweater in dyeTa duh! A new dark brown sweater, all for $3.49.  Not bad.

Dyed sweaterI wanted to show a close up of the buttons and stitching.  I was surprised that the buttons were dyed along with the fabric.  And interesting that the thread was not.  I guess you never know what's going to happen when dying, but I quite like how it turned out!



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