Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saying thank you

With each of the kids birthdays comes many gifts and well wishes from family and friends.  So I try to spend some time in the days (or weeks) after each one helping the kids thank those who remembered them.  I'm certainly not perfect at it, sometimes we forget, and sometimes a simple phone call or text is all I can squeeze in.  But there is something about a handwritten note that I love.

I took this picture of Will the day before his birthday and thought it would make a cute thank you card.  After printing it, I glued it to some cardstock so I could write a little note on the back.

I also love to have a stash of homemade cards on hand to use for birthdays and thank you's so we don't have to be scrambling at the last second.

Scribble drawings 
Water color


  1. You are amazing. I love this idea, I need to be better... WAY better... at saying thank you with a card. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Adorable! My favorite one is the 'To Lizzie from Dan' scribble drawing card. :)

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