Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introduction to tie-dye

On Memorial Day we went over to my friend Alison's house, and she invited us to do tie-dyes.  We might just have to make this a Memorial Day tradition, I LOVE how they turned out.  A great way to give old shirts with stains a face lift.


The older kids all huddled around as Alison demonstrated how to make them.  She bought her dyes from Dharma Trading Co. and followed the instructions on their website.


John and Dan were more than excited to wear their shirts.  They wanted to put them on as soon as they had been washed and dried.  Then they insisted on wearing them to bed, and Dan even pleaded to wear his the next day.  We might have to make some more of these.


Tie-dyed onesies could make a fun baby gift.  But we'll be keeping the ones we made for Will :)


I was super excited how my Moosejaw shirt turned out.  Pete had just recently bought this shirt for me, and I went and got some bleach on it the first time I wore it when I was cleaning the sink.  I was so mad at myself.  So it got the tie-dye treatment in an attempt to cover up the bleach stain.  And now I think I like it even more than before!

Tie dye-Joe and Jess


  1. They look fabulous! :) I love tie dye! Particularly your onesies! :) Too cute!


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