Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day we made a toy using things from our recycling box.  A marble run.  I think making your own toys is almost as fun as playing with them.  I had recently seen a similar idea from Made by Joel and other places on Pinterest and thought it looked like fun.


Ok, so ours isn't neat and clean like Joel's.  But works great nonetheless!  A milk carton, shipping box, macaroni box, toilet paper roll, storage bag box and a juice can were all used in making this beauty.

Marble run

The kids sure enjoyed it!


And Saturday afternoon we took Will on his first hike!  There are some beautiful trails about 15 minutes away from our house and things are just starting to turn green.  Oh how I love spring!  It was so nice to be out in nature and let the kids run free.


Will didn't seem to like the sun in his eyes or the wind on his face.  But he survived.


After the hike we had a little barbeque next to the lake.  As you can see, we were all bundled up because it was FREEZING!  The temperature must have dropped a lot after our hike.  And the wind didn't help.  We were the only crazies there, sipping our hot chocolate and huddling around the grill trying to warm up our hands.


Even though it was cold, it was still nice to be outside enjoying the beauty around us.  Thank you Mother Earth!


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