Friday, March 9, 2012

Nesting: mobile and nursery

Daniel came down from bed earlier this week with some toys strung together with a shoelace and told me it was for our baby. He was all too excited. Looks like it's not just me anticipating the arrival of this little one! That gave me the idea to help the kids make something for the baby. Since we've never had a mobile above the crib I thought that might be a fun project, so we got to work.


First I drilled some holes through the tops of popsicle sticks, then had the kids paint on one side of them. Designs, stripes, dots, names, whatever they wanted.

Then I glued some paint swatches I had picked up from Lowe's onto the other sides so the mobile would match the room and strung them all up to some embroidery hoops. Does it look homemade? Very. But I like it that way.

Here it is hanging in the nursery.

And the nursery? Well, the nice thing about having a 4th boy is that you pretty much already have everything! I had to show off this rocking chair that Pete got me right before Daniel was born. He found the chair at a thrift store, then sewed new pads for it (Yes! You read that right! Truth be told, Pete's a better sewer than I am... although he might not admit it.)

And an empty frame awaits a new baby's face.


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