Thursday, February 16, 2012

Play Stations

Some mornings for some reason just don't get off to a good start. The morning starts too early, the kids wake up fighting, everyone wants something different for breakfast but wants to play with the same thing, we're one hour into the day and my patience is already nearing the end. It's mornings like these that we have to do something different or the day's going to be miserable and painfully long. It's mornings like this morning that inspired the creation of "play stations." Everyone picks a room and a few toys to bring in with them, then gets 10 minutes to an hour of time to themselves. Including me. I should probably have the kids do play stations more often (like when they're actually happy and getting along) because they usually complain about having to play by themselves initially. But by the end we are all happier and the kids are excited to play with each other again. And it gives me a chance to breathe and get some of the housework done in peace. Overall the kids get along so well, but they certainly need their alone time every once in while.

John played in the nursery with his Bionicles and Legos.

Joe lucked out. He got the bath tub all to himself. After an hour when the water was cold he was finally willing to get out.

And Dan played in his bedroom with his airplane (which he enjoys taking apart, then putting together, taking apart, putting together...) Seems monotonous to me, but it sure does keep him busy!


  1. First of all, I love your tag for this post- "survival". Hilarious and true. Secondly, I feel like I am taking master class on parenting boys!! And I need it!


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